The Leibster Award

Chaz ( was kind enough to nominate me for the Leibster Award.

Chaz, thank you for thinking of me. Your site is a wealth of insightful reviews, and you have a strong eye for good stories to review.


For those who don’t already know, The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Check out the rules here – 2018 LIEBSTER AWARD

Here are my answers to Chaz’s 10 questions:

  1. 1. You have to team up with one villain to try to conquer the world – Who are you going to choose as your partner?

    In some ways I’m tempted to go with Brain from Pinky and the Brain, but his success rate isn’t brilliant. I suppose I’d go with either Xar from the Death Gate Cycle or the Lord Ruler from Mistborn. Either one of them have the power to pull it off, but would probably still find it useful to have my insight to curb their natural tendency to just steamroll over things. I suppose I’d be their Tyrion (hopefully).

  2. What do you think sets your blog aside from other ones that you’ve seen – What’s that special quality that your blog has?

    I don’t know that I’d call it special per say, but one difference is I feel I’m less spontaneous. I think many bloggers are able to sit down and crank out a post off the cuff. I tend to jot down ideas, let them stew for a while, write a rough draft or sketch, let it sit for a few days, and then revise it. Often I’ll write my blog posts a bit like a novel, letting the subject decide how long it’s going to be, then go back and look for natural pauses and break the piece into several posts.

    I also think I’m a little more reserved than some. In some ways I think I’m still learning to be comfortable putting myself out there, and as a result my posts may feel a little distant, but as with all things, it’s a journey. As long as we keep trying we’ll slowly make progress (I hope).

  3. What is your favorite reading place and why?

    I don’t know that I have a specific one. I’m very fond of the very well padded chairs, couches, or even a bed with the pillow propped up against a nearby wall. Any place that feels like you could sink into it. I also like to read on porches or decks, while the wind quietly whispers in the background, or a gentle lapping of water.

    Ironically I don’t generally care to read in libraries, or other places where there’s enforced quiet. I think there’s a subtle tension in maintaining that quiet.

  4. Which fictional character do you identify yourself with the most?

    I definitely feel a strong kinship with Elend, particularly in Well of Ascension. He’s a character who truly believes in the right thing, but the reality is many in the world will take advantage of it, and doing what’s necessary leaves him dismayed that he can’t truly follow his conscience. The world should be that way, but sadly, it’s not.I also feel a bit like Schmendrick, the magician from Last Unicorn who dreamed of being a true wizard, but was so bad at it that his master made him immortal, until he could finally master the ways of magic. Sometimes I feel that I might be on a similar journey.

  5. What is your favorite ending to a book/movie/tv show?

    Princess Mononoke has to be up there, along with Hero of the Ages, Pet Shop of Horrors (manga), and God Emperor of Dune.

    I like endings that have a certain “imperfect” but still happy ending, with only a hint of “well it can’t be a perfect fairy tale ending, those only exist in stories.”

    And I like stories that establish that “there is still work to be done,” both in the big picture and personal growth for each character.

  6. What is a goal that you are looking to accomplish in 2018?

    To spend at least 525 hours on writing this year, maybe 550.
    To finally get one of my short stories strong enough to warrant publication (currently re-submitting to Glimmer Train. Fingers crossed.)

  7. Is there a cliche or trope in any form of entertainment that you just hate?

    I don’t know about clichés or tropes, but I really can’t stand it when a protagonist’s fate is more influenced by luck or chance than their own choices. There have been a few stories I’ve read (won’t name names here in case they’re a favorite), but it really irks me when it feels like nothing a character actively chose to do had any constructive influence on the outcome.

  8. What is your favorite song/band?

    Favorite song would be Elsewhere by Sarah McLachlan. Favorite band, probably Poets of the Fall.

  9. How do you decide what is going to be the next read?

    When people recommend a story to me, generally I add it to my “to read” list on Goodreads. Sometimes I sort by average rating, but more often I’m looking for something specific. For example, recently I felt in the mood for a thief story, in contrast with one about an assassin (Night Angel Trilogy anyone?), and I wanted something light, an easy read that wouldn’t particularly challenge me, but still something with strong writing. I perused the list before settling on Thief’s Covenant.

  10. How have you changed since starting a blog?

    I’ve always recognized the internet as a wonderful resource when it comes to research, but through blogging I’ve developed a real appreciation for the opportunity to engage and discuss with people that I might never otherwise interact with. I think blogging has helped to provide smaller, more immediate goals, on the long road that will hopefully lead to publication, eventually. That has helped me develop greater discipline, and better engage writing as a lifelong journey of learning.

Thank you once again Chaz.

And now, time to nominate 10 new bloggers.

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And my questions for you are:

  1. We’ve all heard of comfort foods. Do you have any comfort stories? Stories you go back to when you’re feeling vulnerable, and you just need to laugh, or be reassured?
  2. Do you have any stories you generally recommend?
  3. Have you ever found yourself in a situation so absurd that you had to stop and take a moment to recognize the absurdity of it? Or just burst out laughing?
  4. When having fun with friends, would you rather get up early and get started, or linger late into the night?
  5. What was the last song that you heard for the first time and went, “Wow, this is something special”?
  6. What villain, super or otherwise, do you most feel a kinship with?
  7. Would you rather have the power to stop time (and not age during those frozen moments, but be able to interact with things), or live forever (not growing older, and gradually healing from any injury/malady)?
  8. What’s a hobby or interest that most people would be surprised to learn you have?
  9. After writing, what would you say is your second passion?
  10. What first led you to consider/try blogging?

I look forward to your answers, and hope that wherever you are, your days are well, and full of writing.

Until next time, always bring something to write with, and on.

22 thoughts on “The Leibster Award

  1. Congratulations on the award!! They keep coming at you and rightfully so!. I really had to laugh at your answer who you wanted to team up with for conquering the world: the brain from Pinky and the Brain. Lol..that was such a fun show 😂😂
    Thanks for nominating me, I really appreciate it. I will be honest that it might take me a while to get to this one. I have been nominated for so many awards the past few months that the total number is now above 50 (not kidding here). But I do apreciate every one of them, and am trying to catch up to them somewhere this year. So thank you, and keep up the great work with your blog! 😊

    • Thank you. That is most kind of you. Yeah, I love that show. The whimsy of their plans is wonderfully light and refreshing.
      Congratulations to you as well. That is most impressive, though hardly surprising. The rate at which you post such quality content is no small feat. As a reader I frequently find myself catching up, though your writing style makes them an easy read to flow through, great for relaxing. I look forward to seeing what questions were asked, and what answers you offer.
      Thank you again, for your kind words, and for sharing.:-)

      • Wow…thanks so much for this very kind comment. It really makes my day and puts a smile on my face. Always very glad to hear this kind of feedback on my posts. So really, thank you!.
        Just as long as you remember that your own blog really is terrific as well, and wonderful to read!
        The trouble with catching up on things is definitely something I can relate to. I have put a stop now on following new blogs. I really notice that I am pretty much at my limit now, and as much as I would want to, I just can’t follow everyone.
        But it doesn’t stop me from trying anyway at times lol 😂😂

      • Mmm. There are definitely some that I don’t formally follow, but a few times a year I try to go back and peruse their library, see if any posts jump out at me. Sometimes the feed can be a little daunting.

  2. Congratulations! And I LOVE that you chose Brain to team up with, I never would have thought of him, but SUCH A SMART CHOICE! You always want to be on the good side of someone who’s going to take over the world…

  3. Congratulations on your award Adam! There are some interesting answers here and I can relate to your answer to the second question regarding blogging as I’m exactly the same.

    Thanks for the nomination, that’s very sweet of you and I’ll be sure to check out those other bloggers. Those questions are certainly going to test out the old grey matter. 😉

    • Thank you Debbie. Always a comfort to be reminded that we’re not alone. I think that’s one of the most unexpected and appealing aspects about blogging. Without geography to separate us, it’s easy to find kindred spirits.
      I look forward to reading your answers. When you post the award, I hope you’ll add a comment here with the link, so that others can easily follow the chain.
      Hope your week is going well.

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