Mistborn-FE 01-5/5

By Brandon Sanderson

2015-08-01_FE 01 Mistborn Cover

“A hero rose to save the world. He failed.” When I first read that line I laughed. How many stories begin after 1,000 years of darkness? The story is a grim example of economic disparity. For those born into slavery there’s only one way out, steal. In the tradition of loveable rogues the story introduces Kelsier, a thief of legendary ambition and skill, who leads a band of specialists against the Final Empire.

Characters question their own sense of self as they don masks and join the political intrigue. But the magical system is what truly sets Mistborn apart. The power of magic gives credence to the characters’ ambitious plan, while its limitations balance with harsh realities that transform absurd optimism into admirable perseverance.

At times scenes may linger at court when characters and audiences yearn to leap into the night, but as a whole the story is well paced and features a strong cast of characters who each bring a unique perspective to the story. A strong beginning to the trilogy.

+Strong, humorous characters
+Strong plot
+Strong magic
*Political intrigue, false identity
*Harsh, grim setting


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