Reviewing The Batman (2022 film)

Note: This review discusses the 2022 Batman film (including references to tone and general subject matter), but specifically and intentionally strives to keep things vague. People who have not seen the film may find that reading this review creates a “bias,” but no specific spoilers are revealed (every surprise and plot twist is still waiting, if you choose to see the film after reading).

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Personalized, not Personal

(This is a post of my reflections on concepts and personal experiences relating to the subjects of socializing, connecting, and relationships.)

We hear a lot of phrases repeated in the modern world, phrases that people say (in my opinion) without really thinking about them. For example, the phrase “Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps,” a phrase often used to suggest that a person should “solve their problems” or “achieve their goals” on their own (without looking for help from anyone else). But people using this phrase (seemingly) don’t know that it began as an example of “something that is physically impossible,” (and therefore the people saying it are unintentionally being ironic).

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Emotional Moments 7of8 #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

What follows is the seventh part of a list of what I feel are the common emotional tones, with examples. (For part 1 please click this link.)

(Note: Many examples may represent spoilers if you have not read/seen the story, though I will do my best to refrain from being too specific.)

This section focuses on what I call Negative Neutral emotional moments (emotions that are negative, and can lead to the character “actively engaging” the issue or conflict or “passively doing nothing”):

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