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All writers begin as an audience. We read a good story, think about it, and sometimes discuss it with others. At some point we try our hand at writing, and promptly run into problems, which leads us to the third aspect of writing, study. We take classes, attend seminars, and read books on writing, all in an effort to write stronger stories.

This blog focuses on study; what we can learn from theories and techniques, and what we can learn from other authors. My hope is to create a dialogue with other aspiring writers, and evolve our understanding of good storytelling.

Posts are divided into the following categories: writing fiction, story reviews, awards, discussion, guest, journals, stories, and announcements. Use the menus along the top to navigate, or Click categories and subcategories along the right.

Home will always feature the most recent blog posts.

Quotes is an ongoing collection of meaningful phrases that I’ve encountered.

Writing posts focus on theories and techniques of storytelling.
Reviews focus on specific books and short stories.
Both Writing & Review posts are also indexed, for those who wish to browse by keyword.

Discussion posts focus on debatable topics, questions that may not have a definitive answer, and are probably better for it.

Stories include fictional and nonfiction shorts, as well as personal thoughts and experiences that I wish to share. Announcements are self explanatory. Both will be posted as they arise.

Journals are my personal ramblings, stories of my life, which I hope others find helpful, or at least interesting :-).

Resources includes:

  1. Links to other websites where I maintain a profile.
  2. Books on Writing
  3. Blogs that I’ve found helpful
  4. Fiction Recommendations, a series of lists based on subgenre or style
  5. Worksheets that can help flesh out aspects of a story.


About Me

Hello. My name’s Adam. I’m a creative writer; mostly fiction.
I’ve always loved stories, but when I was ten I started to notice patterns in the stories, and I began looking for specific stories that broke the pattern, until one day, thoroughly frustrated, I decided to write the story I was looking for myself.

The results were rubbish, but the experience was intoxicating. Stories have always struck me as magical; the way that someone I’ve never met can put thoughts and ideas, memories, into my mind, using only words.

At first I focused on cranking out stories as fast as I could. Then I tried focusing on a single story, trying to perfect it. As time passed I tried various techniques, before finally settling on a little bit of everything.

Creating posts on writing help me to better organize my ideas about writing, while reviews force me to more thoroughly analyze and understand why and how a story works. I also make it a point to spend at least a few hours a week working on a story; either developing, writing, or revising it.
To anyone who’s interested in writing, I recommend joining or forming a writer’s group. The support helps you get in the habit of working on writing regularly.

When I’m not writing I like to read/watch (anime, fantasy, some science fiction, and a smattering of other genres), play board games with friends (Resistance, Catan, Ascension, Cyclades), or video games on my own (Silent Hill, Legend of Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Ico & the Colossus), and generally go on day trips to interesting places (museums, state parks, Renaissance Fairs, etc.).

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  2. I presume you picked up Last Guardian based on your taste in gaming.

    Good to hear that you are a fellow anime fan. If you don’t like seeing the same story patterns be sure to avoid the harem genre as those show recycle ideas, characters and jokes.

    • I haven’t yet, but it’s in my list.
      Thanks for the tip. Of course watching one or two harem anime might be worth it, as a unique style of story. Who knows, I might learn something 🙂

    • Indeed. I think video games have a unique advantage when it comes to suspense. There can be a planned ending to the story, while simultaneously maintaining a constant and real threat of a premature death. I thought the use of fog to create claustrophobia in an outdoor setting was brilliant, and the radio as a warning that “something” was coming closer, without specifying what or from which direction, was another strong narrative choice.

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