Scene & Summary 201-01

Stories are a combination of scene & summary. Even the shortest story contains at least one scene or summary. A scene is when a small span of time is covered in great detail; a combination of what characters say, the actions they take, and any relevant details. A summary is when a large span of time is covered in only a few words.

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Discussion-A New Category

As I blog I’m finding that some very interesting conversations can occur through comments, and good conversation can be elusive sometimes.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a new category, discussion posts.
When I’m crafting a post on writing, or a book review, I try to come to some kind of conclusion, combining my own opinions with those of others to reach a consensus about the subject.

Discussion posts will be less formal, more open-ended; in an effort to spark a friendly dialogue with others who may have read, seen, or thought about the topic in question.

I’m going to aim for at least one discussion post a month, but we’ll see how things go.