Admirable Virtues 102-6

Audiences need to like the protagonist(s), to both relate to and admire them. People often relate to characters that remind them of themselves; characters who face similar types of problems. People often admire characters that demonstrate a skill or proficiency, particularly if that skill demonstrates altruistic motives, such as teaching or medicine, or if it has a strong visual appeal, such as performance arts or athletics. Intelligence is another admirable trait, though when it comes to brains a person can be smart, knowledgeable, or clever.

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Write Music-A New Resource

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve added a new feature to the Resources menu; write music. Write music is a collection of songs that I feel are particularly inspirational. Each entry has the song, band/source, and several tags to help users browse for similar songs.

To avoid copyright issues I’ve refrained from posting the songs themselves, but users should be able to find them on Amazon and/or YouTube.