Here is an incomplete and ongoing list of blogs that I feel may be particularly helpful to other writers.

Thoughts on Fantasy
Articles that analyze and debate the conventions and techniques of writing, with a strong emphasis on fantasy, and sometimes horror

Jessica Bakkers
A humorous site with a wide range of categories; a mix of personal projects and experiences, words of advice, and a smattering of self-analysis, all delivered with a touch of whimsical humor.

Allison D. Reid
This author focuses on medieval and fantasy topics. I’m particularly drawn to her Fantasy Art writing prompts, where audiences are given an image, rather than text, as inspiration; and the Medieval Mondays, a series of articles that focus on one small aspect of medieval daily life.

Needle in a Haystack
This blog previews articles from other websites, focusing on political and cultural topics that either highlight a growing issue, or explore the mystery and diversity of the human condition. I’m including this site because I feel articles like this can be a great source of inspiration.

MNBernard Books
Melanie Bernard posts a mixture of book reviews and discussion posts, which are specifically written to encourage audiences to join the dialogue through the comments section. Each Discussion post is followed by a Highlights post, which condenses the various perspectives by sampling some of the strongest comments.

Kristen Lamb
Kristen Lamb is an author who regularly teaches classes on various aspects of the writing craft, including classics like character and plot, but she also puts a strong emphasis on the importance of networking and developing an online platform.

Questing Author
Articles alternate between big picture issues like story patterns and settings, detailed topics like good adjective use, and reflective articles that focus on issues like anxiety and self-doubt.

Fantasy Author’s Handbook
A mix of articles on writing with a strong emphasis on fantasy and horror, rnaging from technique and theory, to the writing process and experiences of the author, and various interviews with agents, editors, artists, and company founders.

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