Reviews by Author

Allen, J.K. (1)

Forbidden Mirror (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Ames, J.M. (1)

Snow Bride (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Barker, Clive (1)

Hellbound Heart

Bernard, Melanie Noell (1)

Inheritance (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Black, Kerry (1)

Young Blood (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Bledsoe, C.L. (1)

The Falling Angels of Fifty-Six (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Butcher, Jim (1)

Storm Front

Cadigan, Pat (1)


Card, Orson Scott (4)

Ender’s Game     Speaker for the Dead    Xenocide    Children of the Mind

Cline, Earnest (1)

Ready Player One

Cooper, Susan (5)

Over the Sea, Under the Stone     The Dark is Rising     The Greenwitch     The Grey King     Silver on the Tree

Denzel, Jason (1)


Dickerson, T.S. (1)

Twice-Made Vows (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Doctorow, Cory (1)

Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom

Egan, Greg (1)


Gaiman, Neil (1)


Goodwin, Crystin (3)

Unblessed   Fire Blessed     Ice Blessed

Herbert, Frank (6)

Dune   Dune Messiah   Children of Dune   God Emperor of Dune   Heretics of Dune   Chapterhouse: Dune

Koontz, Dean (1)


Lovecraft, HP (7)

1of6    2of6    3of6    4of6    5of6    6of6

Marmell, Ari (1)

Thief’s Covenant    False Covenant    Lost Covenant    Covenant’s End

Martin, George R.R. (5)

Game of Thrones    Clash of Kings     Storm of Swords    Feast of Crows    Dance with Dragons

Matheson, Richard (1)

Hell House

Nour, Sarah

Nova and Ember (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Palahniuk, Chuck (1)

Fight Club

Palmer, Lucy (1)

Open Window (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Rowling, JK (7)

Philosopher (Sorcerer’s) Stone     Chamber of Secrets     Prisoner of Azkaban     Goblet of Fire     Order of the Phoenix     Half-Blood Prince     Deathly Hallows

Sanderson, Brandon (3)

Mistborn    Well of Ascension    Hero of the Ages

Scott, S.L. (1)

Maria Morevna and the Deathless One (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Shiner, Lewis (1)


Stansbury, Paul (1)

Selkie Cove (Mirrors & Thorns)

Sterling, Bruce (1)


Strickland, J. Lee (1)

Roland (Mirrors & Thorns

Stroud, Jonathan (1)

Amulet of Samarkand

Taylor, Cassidy (1)

The Life & Death of Cora Svanros (Mirrors & Thorns Anthology)

Weech, M.L.S. (1) 

The Journals of Bob Drifter

Weis & Hickman (7)

Dragon Wing     Elven Star    Fire Sea    Serpent Mage     Hand of Chaos    Into the Labyrinth    Seventh Gate