Personalized, not Personal

(This is a post of my reflections on concepts and personal experiences relating to the subjects of socializing, connecting, and relationships.)

We hear a lot of phrases repeated in the modern world, phrases that people say (in my opinion) without really thinking about them. For example, the phrase “Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps,” a phrase often used to suggest that a person should “solve their problems” or “achieve their goals” on their own (without looking for help from anyone else). But people using this phrase (seemingly) don’t know that it began as an example of “something that is physically impossible,” (and therefore the people saying it are unintentionally being ironic).

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Different ways of saying the same thing

I consider myself a lifelong learner, and while I sometimes suffer from a bit of a “learning addiction,” and often reading or watch something only to find nothing new in the experience, there are also times where I realize that the speaker is actually expressing something familiar to me, but they’re expressing it in a way that puts the entire idea in a new light and context. And I’m starting to feel that there’s real value in seeking out those “other ways of expressing the same idea.” I’m starting to suspect that at the end of the day, it’s very difficult to grasp everything the speaker is “saying.”

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Here We Go Again

Hello everyone.

I think it’s important to share our experiences, not only so that others might learn, but because writing something down changes it, and writing with a purpose even more so.

It’s a long, difficult road, and even though I’ve it heard many times, from many authors, the true meaning of those words continues to surprise me.

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