Reviewing The Batman (2022 film)

Note: This review discusses the 2022 Batman film (including references to tone and general subject matter), but specifically and intentionally strives to keep things vague. People who have not seen the film may find that reading this review creates a “bias,” but no specific spoilers are revealed (every surprise and plot twist is still waiting, if you choose to see the film after reading).

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Discussing Book to Movie Conversions (Specifically Ready Player One)

Recently I watched Ready Player One (2018), a movie adaptation of a book I reviewed back in December 2017. Based on the trailers I knew that the character designs had been revised, and suspected that much of the character journeys would also be truncated. I knew that, much like Lord of the Rings, and other book to movie conversions, they would have to cut or condense many things to tell a story in the time they had.

(Warning, the rest of this post may contain specific references to both the book and the movie, so if you are not familiar with either, and you care about spoilers, you may want to refrain.)


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