Thief’s Covenant-Widdershins #1-4/5

By Ari Marmell

Her past did not forget her.

Wid1_Thief's Covenant

Widdershin, a skilled thief that leapt onto the scene and quickly grew to be one of the most famous thieves in the city; earning the respect, and ire, of many among the Finders Guild. None of them know that this lone girl has a secret. She is the last worshipper of a long-forgotten god, whose unseen hand has guided her since they first met.

Once, Widdershin went by another name, Adrienne. She was a wayward girl, who quietly wormed her way into the aristocracy, before disappearing amidst one of the bloodiest massacres in recent history. Widdershin has worked hard to forget those memories, but not everyone has forgotten, and the horrors of that day continue to search for the one who escaped.

“A witty rogue with a tragic past, forced to abandon everyone she knew and embark on a life of crime, always afraid that someday her past might catch up with her.” It all sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? And it should. After all, it makes for a good story. But what really sets Thief’s Covenant apart is how it actively engages the audience through their prior knowledge.

Individually, each scene is carefully managed, a bite sized adventure that starts late and ends early, and offer up just enough information to guide audiences to the proper conclusion, while still leaving some questions unanswered. But where the story really shines is in its web of overlapping threads. Alternating between different characters, and different perspectives, the story focuses on how each narrative intrudes upon the other. Characters carefully plan their next move, while audiences watch and wait for the inevitable collision that will ensnare all of them. Through it all information is carefully managed, creating a string of questions and answers that encourage audiences to continually reevaluate both the story and its characters.

Sometimes harsh, other times heartwarming, the story loves to flirt with serious issues, but first and foremost this is a light-hearted adventure and a fun ride. Each scene primes audiences for the next, then switches to something else, just to heighten the anticipation. Fortunately, while the writing is sharp, it’s far from challenging. Those who wish to will fly through this novel in a single sitting, while others are free to stroll through at a relaxing pace. A familiar story, even the first time, but very well executed.

+Strong Description/Writing
+Strong but Familiar Characters
*Familiar but well executed Plot
*Young/Easy Read
-Occasionally harsh and graphic


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