Elven Star-Death Gate Cycle 02-3/5

By Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

An enemy no one can stop. A question no one can answer.

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Pryan, world of fire, is a lush jungle so dense that entire lakes rest on layers of foliage. Humans build on vast planes of moss, elves dwell in trees, and dwarves live close to ground. The story follows a family of elvish merchants, who sell magical weapons to humans, who in turn use them on each other.

Paithan, a young elf, heads out on another delivery, but when he arrives he learns the weapons are actually meant for the dwarves, and he is expected to come along. Meanwhile Haplo has come through Death’s Gate to explore the second world, but instead he arrives just in time to see it fall, as legends return, full of wrath.

The story counter balances the grim plot with many light hearted subplots, reaffirming the belief that while humor may not be the best medicine, it’s certainly a decent salve.
As a whole Elven Star is a slow read; full of looming threats and tense pauses, as characters struggle to think of some way to survive. Haplo is once again shoehorned in, though this time he slowly takes over the story, before bringing it to a half-hearted conclusion, with many questions left for future installments to answer.

+Strong Characters
+Strong Setting
-Fragmented Plot


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