Seventh Gate-Death Gate Cycle 07-3.5/5

By Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

In despair they find the strength to act.

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Light shines on the Labyrinth. Some see it as a good sign, but others know the truth. A battle rages for the Final Gate, and if it closes everyone will be trapped in the Labyrinth. But Marit has other battles to fight. She must find Alfred, and together they must save Haplo. Lord Xar has taken Haplo to Abbarrach, to die. Then Lord Xar will bring him back, a soulless shell, ready to obey any command, even to lead Lord Xar to the Seventh Gate.

In many ways the story feels familiar. Scenes echo those from other books, highlighting the one thing that has changed, the characters. Flashbacks bring characters’ inner conflicts to the forefront. Each character is confronted with their own culpability. Some characters feel hurried, some plot points feel too convenient, but when the dust settles the ending feels both fitting and earned, providing fresh perspectives on familiar themes. Fans of the series will be pleased, while critics will find few reasons to change their mind.

+Strong Ideas
+Strong Characters
*Familiar plot with a strong ending
*Satisfying examples of deus ex machina


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