The Best of H.P. Lovecraft 03of06-Anthology

By H.P. Lovecraft

Knowledge brings pain. Madness offers release.

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The Music of Erich Zann (07-16)
In the aftermath a narrator begins his story. It’s a slow start, describing the rundown neighborhood, the unusual neighbors, and the mute musician, Erich Zann, who lives on the top floor.

The story quickly accelerates, confronting the narrator with vague impossibilities as the music takes on new importance. The pivotal scene artfully captures the powerlessness of ignorance and the frenzy of panic. The plot is lackluster, but the language is well written.

+Strong Descriptions
*Interesting Ideas
-Weak Plot


The Call of Cthulhu (08-16)
The narrator begins dispensing with a late relative’s possessions, only to find a strange carving among them. This first puzzle piece hints at an ancient world, leading to a trio of stories which combine into a rich tale of ancient power stirring from a long slumber.

While most aspects of this story will be familiar to any fan of Lovecraft, the blend in this story feels more satisfying than most of the other stories in this anthology. It’s not by chance that Cthulu became one of the most iconic figures of Lovecraft’s literature.

+Strong Characters
+Strong Descriptions
*Strong but Fragmented Plot


The Dunwich Horror (09-16)
It begins with the birth of a strange boy, who grows into manhood before his fourth birthday. Together with his grandfather they embark on a strange project; buying supplies, remodeling their decrepit house, and studying numerous ancient books.

The story moves slowly, offering numerous hints before unveiling the horror. While not the most suspenseful or frightening story in the anthology, it is the most grounded. The story is rich with fully realized characters and subtle dabs of local culture. The monsters are described in vivid detail, and this time it’s not enough to escape them. This time the heroes must defeat them.

+Strong Plot
-Weak Characters


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