Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-HP 04-3/5

By J. K. Rowling

An honor he never sought will bind him to a deadly task.

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In his dreams Harry sees Lord Voldemort, but they’re only dreams, soon forgotten, as Harry joins friends and ministry officials at the Quidditch World Cup. It’s a night full of wonders, and yet before it ends tragedy will strike, and the dark mark will appear overhead. To unravel this mystery, Harry must conquer new challenges. For the first time in a hundred years the goblet of fire has been lit.

While opening on a dark tone, the story quickly returns to its trademark whimsy, using a series of short scenes with the Dursleys to review what’s happened before returning to Hogwarts, with a slight detour to watch a magical championship.

The story grows quickly, expanding on the existing world through the use of additional characters; each with their own story to tell. Individually each character is a rich addition to the cast, but taken together some readers may find the sheer volume of new characters excessive.

In the face of so many subplots, the main one is reduced to occasional references, reminding audiences of the ominous opening. The story focuses on social issues; as characters continue to struggle with questions of identity and perception. Eventually the main conflict reasserts itself, bringing the story to a strong conclusion, marked by harshness uncharacteristic of the series; its first forays into romance, grief, and the loss of innocence.

+Strong Description
+Strong Setting
*Large cast of strong characters
-Fragmented Plot
-Slow Pacing


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