Mystic-Mystic Series 01-2.5/5

By Jason Denzel

Her dream came true, her journey began.


In a quiet corner of the island of Moth, the people of Oakspring village prepare for their annual Springrise festival. For most it’s a time of celebration, but not for Pomella AnDone. For she has a secret, a world that only she can see, full of strange, ethereal creatures, the world of myst. Even among the nobles it is a rare honor to be trained by a mystic; for Pomella it is a dream come true, complete with unexpected obstacles, and the very real possibility of failure.

Set in a world of magical creatures, Mystic relies on quick glimpses and minor mysteries to spark audience interest, but fails to linger long enough to provide any substantive answers. Instead the story hurries through its narrative. Inner thoughts help to emphasize themes of perception and identity, outlining conflicts that often resolve all too quickly, with many questions left unanswered. In the end the story is little more than comfort food; fun, easy, but not very memorable.

+Strong Setting
*Young Story/Fast Read
*Strong but familiar Characters
*Simple Plot
-Weak descriptions


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3 thoughts on “Mystic-Mystic Series 01-2.5/5

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  2. This one’s already on my to read list. It’s too bad that you didn’t like it more. I hate it when a book doesn’t take enough time to describe anything. (Though over described is annoying too.)

    • Well, to be fair, I do rate things a little differently than most. I would say on average I tend to rank things about .75 lower than most. A lot of stories fall into 2.5 for me. They are a bit by the numbers, but fun. They just follow the conventions and patterns of their genre, whereas others are more innovative/unique. But it’s all very subjective.

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