Children of the Mind-EG 04- 3/5

By Orson Scott Card

Time grows short, as hope lies ahead.

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Against all odds Lusitania has done the impossible. They’ve cured the Descolada and begun colonizing other worlds, ensuring the survival of both pequininos and hive queens. But the fleet is still drawing near, and Jane is powerless to stop them. For Congress has become aware of her, and is already preparing to shut down the network that houses Jane’s mind. To survive Jane must turn to an old friend, and take what he most holds dear.

Following on the heels of the previous book, Children of the Mind opens on an outsider’s perspective; nesting the obligatory review within the character’s efforts to understand the unknown that is Peter. This echoes the ongoing conflict of the entire series, the struggle within each character to understand “the other” and accept them as “one of us”.

A few quick references to the ongoing threat help inject fresh tension, but characters remain the focus of the series, using rich relationships to explore various philosophical issues. And yet something is missing. Innovative ideas have always been a hallmark of the series, but now they’re relegated to the sidelines, replaced with new relationships that race towards either tragedy or romance, setting the stage for the oldest of endings. A satisfying end to a strong series that began at the height of storytelling, and fought valiantly to stay aloft.

+Strong Characters
+Strong Pacing
*Strong but familiar ideas
*Interesting Settings
-Predictable Plot


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