Back for the Fall (2017)

Hello Everyone!

While I was never really “gone”, I am pleased to say I am officially Back.

Posting will resume, with 1-2 posts appearing each week.

I’m also happy to say that I’ve finally gotten around to expanding the Writing Resources, something that has long been on my to do list.
New features include:

  1. Books on Writing
    A list of nonfiction books that I’ve found particularly helpful.
    Current categories include: Getting Started, Reassurance, Theory & Technique, and Genre.
  2. Blogs
    A list of other blogs that I have found particularly helpful. There’s a strong mix of writing advice and theories, inspirational ideas and writing prompts, insights into other regions and time periods, and a fair number of personal insights to help us recognize that we’re not the only ones who struggle.
  3. Fiction Recommendations
    Part of me wishes I could review every story I’ve ever read, but in the interim, here are some reading lists, based on what I think are some of the more common tastes within the genres I read.

All of these are ongoing resources, and while posts are my main focus, I will do my best to update Resources as more interesting things cross my path.

Now, I’d best get back to writing.

Once again, thank you all. I look forward to future discussions via the comments.

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