Thank you

I really have to thank all of you.

This has been a remarkable week.

71 people visited Write Thoughts 142 times, with more than 60 comments.
It was wonderful. To everyone who visited, who liked, and especially to those who commented.
This has been a week filled with great conversations, and the entire experience has been a wonderful one.

A special thank you also has to go out to Raimey Gallant (
For running another wonderful Author Toolbox Blog Hop.

I’m also happy to share that for the first time I was able to manage 4 hours of writing time within a single day, and this week I was able to spend over 14 hours on writing, a new personal best for me.

A great deal of that time was spent revising my short story, Familiar Spirit, before submitting it to the Glimmer Train Short Story Contest.
Hopefully in 2 months I’ll have more good news to share.

Once again, thank you all for making this such a wonderful writing week.

13 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Well done! I enjoyed your Author Toolbox post, and I follow you through Feedly so I might read your posts without actually visiting or commenting.

    • Thank you. Of course, isn’t everything an opportunity for a new beginning? But yeah, I do look upon this as a welcome sign, and hope to continue.
      Thank you.

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