Revisiting “Limited Relationships 105-01”

While we are now in March, I’m still revisiting my trio of relationship posts.

This is Limited Relationships (formerly Professional Relationships), 105-01.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Indirect relationships are relationships where time and/or distance prevent the fan or follower from ever interacting with their “idol”. This can include politicians and performers, but the most common form are historical and fictional figures, those that have already died before influencing the character.

Indirect relationships tend to be the most stable. Most of the information the character learns about the idol is carefully controlled to maintain the consistency of their brand or professional identity.

Indirect relationships often represent an icon or ideal, something the character dreams of becoming, or cites as an example of “all that is wrong with the world”. These idols represent very powerful symbols for the character. As a result, any new information that shakes the character’s “concept” of their icon can provoke intense emotional outbursts.

Consider James Potter, Harry’s late father. At first Harry idolizes him, but in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry is forced to come to terms with the reality that his father was not always the kindest of people.”

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