Catching Up

Hello everyone.

When I first started this blog, I’d hoped to post 2 pieces of content a week; 1 on writing, and 1 reviewing a story.

A year after I began posting, I found that I needed to revise my plan to 1 post a week, alternating between the two.

Unfortunately I now find myself struggling to maintain that level of consistency.

Therefore, for the time being, I’m letting you know that I will continue to post, but it won’t be with the same regularity as I have in the past, though I’m confident I will be able to manage at least 1 per month.

I do apologize.

It is my hope, with time, that my rate of writing will increase, and, hopefully, if I am able to make writing a source of income, I will be able to reduce the amount of time I spend on other jobs.

In any case, I will continue to do my best, and hopefully, with time, I’ll be able to rebuild the “queue” of posts that I once maintained.

Thank you all.

12 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Really there is no need to apologise in any way. If there is one thing I always struggle with, it’s finding enough time. I have a pretty busy day job and I have about 5-6 hours in a day of free time.
    That’s why I never stick to any kind of schedule when posting. Sometimes I post 3 times a week, and then there are weeks that I barely manage to post even once. So in other words: truly don’t worry about it. I always love your posts and think you run an amazing blog here, so no matter how many times you post: it’s always worth the wait 😊

    • Many thanks. I also enjoy your posts, and look forward to what comes next.
      Hopefully with time we will both find our abilities improve, and mayhaps we will find ourselves able to earn through our writing, and thus cut back those pesky day jobs ;-).

      • Haha…well if that would one day be possible (even though it’s not really my goal) that would of course be very awesome. Good luck to you as well! 😀

  2. No need to apologize. We all yield to other priorities. Writing novels an stories will always win out over blogging for me, as well as most writers. There’s only so much time.

    • True enough. I think there’s a certain “addictive” quality to creativity, the desire to do more, whether it’s what we learn through the creative process, or simply craving to “read” what we are still in the process of writing. I don’t imagine there will ever truly be “enough time”, though in some ways that’s also a blessing. We are never bored, and we always appreciate what we have.

    • Thank you. To you as well. As others have said, there is rarely enough time, though I think there’s also an element of “too many ideas”, and such a love of the craft that we yearn to bring all of them to life.

  3. While consistency is awesome, sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions. Consider it inspiration. Hopefully it helps the writing!

  4. Like others have said, no need to apologize. Just post when you can. I can sympathize because burn out and a lack of free time have caused me to ditch the one post a week schedule. For now I will just comment and reblog stuff. A break to recharge can be good. The blog will still be there waiting whenever life allows.

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