Emotional Moments 2of8 #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

What follows is the second  part of a list of what I feel are the common emotional tones, with examples. (For part 1 please click this link.)

(Note: Many examples may represent spoilers if you have not read/seen the story, though I will do my best to refrain from being too specific.)

This section focuses on what I call Positive Passive emotional moments:


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Emotional Moments 1of8 v2 #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Note: After rereading last month’s post, I decided to restructure it, and revise some of the entries.

Stories are many things, but one of the things I find most interesting is how the stories manage to provoke such a variety of thoughts and emotions in us, even though they are almost entirely composed of words we already know (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to understand the story). In one sense, a story is really a series of emotional moments, which together create a sense of rising and falling.

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