Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban-HP 03-3/5

By J. K. Rowling

Shadows from Harry’s past return to haunt him.

2016-11-17_HP 03 Harry Potter Prisoner Azkaban Cover

An unexpected outburst forces Harry into the night, fleeing the consequences of his actions. Fortunately he is quickly found and forgiven. He returns to Hogwarts to find it flanked by dementors, searching for Sirius Black, escaped prisoner and servant to Voldemort. But soon the dementors reveal themselves to be just as dangerous, particularly for Harry, who must master new magic in order to keep them at bay.

Eager to begin, the opening offers a concise summary of the series so far, along with vague allusions to the overarching conflict, the search for Sirius Black. Black is painted as the threat, but he’s soon overshadowed by the dementors who pursue him, and anyone else who attracts their attention.

The main plot quickly becomes subsumed by subplots. Audiences explore the daily life of Hogwarts in a flurry of scenes that focus on class and Quidditch, as Black and the dementors loom in the background, occasionally as a threat, but mostly a source of inconvenience for Harry, who endures increasing impositions in the name of safety. Harry struggles against these restrictions, earning him the ire of both teachers and friends.

Relationships dominate the story, as characters struggle to overcome their own intense emotions. The story culminates in a tragic revelation, casting new light on many of the year’s events, and reiterating the underlying ambiguity that runs throughout the story.

+Strong characters
+Strong descriptions
*Subplots dominate
*Ambiguous meaning
-Excessive summarization


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