Ice Blessed-BoM 3-2.5/5

By Crystin Goodwin

Desperation will unite them.

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For the sake of her secret, Kisara left her home and joined the Transeatur. When he learned too much Lucien did the same. Now a fresh attack forces them to go even further, retreating to the snowy north, but not alone. They travel with the Transeatur, a people they were raised to hate, who have disproven every stigma they were taught as children. And yet still the Elder Priest hunts them, sending teams of fire blessed to dog their steps. In the face of such danger petty grievances must be set aside. Melior and Transeatur struggle to band together, while their enemy continues to weave his lies.

Ice Blessed opens on the heels of its predecessor, using a grim reminder of what’s happened to set the tone, and establish the personal conflicts which will dominate much of the story. Scattered characters make strong use of multiple perspectives, leaving audiences to look on as characters flirt with disaster.

Gradually the cast reunites, returning to the light-hearted social and relationship driven subplots that have become a cornerstone of the series. Dialogue, with judicious use of details, drive the story inward, as each character struggles to understand their role and identity in a changing world.

At first these issues prove quite engaging, but when they run their course it becomes clear the story has nothing to replace them with. Instead it recycles old plot patterns, creating inconsistent rules for the setting, and forcing characters to behave in increasingly irrational ways for the sake of conflict. At times the story manages to create real depth; scenes of heartwarming levity, and bittersweet tragedy, but in between these scenes lie a path of unanswered questions, contradictions, and hair pin turns.

+More developed characters
+Engaging Issues of Identity and Role/Plan
*Relationship focused subplots dominate
*Very Young
-Weak/underdeveloped setting


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